​About Us

We Give Foundation, formerly The Caring Place Foundation exists to give donors the confidence that their money is going to recipients that are truly making a difference and to remove from recipients the stress of finding donors. 

Through our hands-on approach and personal interviews with recipients, each donor will know the monies they give are doing what they intended them to do. Our approach gives confidence to the donors and frees up the recipients to do what they do best which is help people achieve self-suffiency. 

The We Give Foundation has three clear objectives; provide scholarships for young people; grants to help fund nonprofits; and provide loans for startup businesses. 
Scholarships will be awarded to people who would not be able to attend college without help. They will be awarded by considering the student’s financial situation, their grades in school and their major or area of study.
Grants will be awarded to nonprofits and to the programs that are truly helping people reach self-sufficiency. These are organizations and programs that are successful but often have a difficult time getting the money to continue their mission. 
Loans for start-up or small businesses will help fulfill dreams, create jobs, and increase the economic foundation of some of our most impoverished neighborhoods which helps people become self-sufficient.
The donors will be pleased as they see their investment accomplish the intended purpose. Our hands-on approach insures that the results are real and lives are being built. Together we can make a difference. 

Mission Statement