We Give Foundation Scholarship Winner Able to Pursue Her Passion

Ever since Adrianna Walker was a young girl, she loved helping people when they were hurt. She's currently doing this at The Caring Place, where she builds relationships with at-risk kids. And she's hoping to take this passion to the next level when she becomes a nurse – in part, thanks to The We Give Foundation. 

Walker, 18, is one of five college freshmen who earned a $1,000 scholarship designed to help at-risk, inner city students go to school. She plans to attend Ivy Tech Community College in the fall and then go to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis or Ball State University. Walker, who grew up at The Caring Place, plans to keep volunteering there while in college. 

"I want to be there for the kids like someone was there for me when I was younger," Walker says. The Caring Place helped Walker get through a tough time in her childhood. She began attending The Caring Place at about 7 years old and kept going there with her two brothers and older sister. "When I was younger, we lost our house," says Walker, who credits The Caring Place for helping her to become a strong person in God. "The people at The Caring Place helped us find another one and helped us get back on our feet. They were there through the whole experience." 

Walker, who began volunteering with The Caring Place at around age 14, helps Saturday Program kids cheer their teammates on during games and sparks conversations with them. She remembers a particular instance when one little girl had a bad attitude because she was upset about something going on at her home. After Walker sat with her on some bleachers and had a heart-to-heart conversation with her, the little girl apologized for her attitude and thanked Walker for her attention.

"It makes me feel really good that I can calm somebody down or make them feel better," Walker says. "I can help them get through their problems." Because of your generous giving to The We Give Foundation, Walker and other high school graduates are able to pursue higher education with financial help. Please continue supporting The We Give Foundation and keeping us in your prayers as we seek to touch the lives of young people in many ways for God's Kingdom.

Since receiving a grant from the WeGiveFoundation, Chosen Ministries has been able to pour into the lives of two clients throughout the last 9 months. Each of them are realizing their full potential in Christ and have been able to understand the root cause of their struggle.  Although their journeys have been laced with ups and downs, their constant pursuit of independence has been remarkably tenacious. Our clients often come to us with a fair amount of instability including hunger and homelessness. The funds that the foundation gave us have been used to provide for their basic needs, including food, temporary transitional housing, child care and job readiness training.  One of our clients is well on her way to a successful life, having secured a full-time job paying $12 per hour and an apartment, which she now pays for by herself. She is learning to master the art of professionalism and will be the first member of her family to break through the cycle of generational poverty in her family. Thank you WeGiveFoundation for making an amazing impact in her life.

Adriana Walker

Chosen Ministries